Wildlife Safety Technician

The Wildlife Safety Technician course is an intensive 5-week program for persons employed to protect both field workers and local wildlife from potentially dangerous interactions. Graduates of this program offer employers far more effective and diversified skill sets than causal bear monitors. Providing a holistic approach to protecting workers in wilderness environments, training begins with preparation for field operations including the development and analysis of wildlife safety policies and industry best practices, interaction and cooperation with territorial and federal authorities, habitat and human interaction behaviours of local and potentially dangerous wildlife species, field level leadership such as the ability to prepare and implement safety briefings and plans to co-workers, and the preparation and maintenance of wildlife safety equipment, firearms, fences and supplies. Response training focuses on the ability to assume and maintain situational control of workers during a wildlife encounter, safe, effective, and legal use of escalating force (non-lethal and lethal) when dealing with problem animals, and wilderness first aid and casualty evacuation skills. Candidates are also trained in post-incident skills including reporting to organizational leadership and relevant government authorities, media awareness, and logging encounters to distill lessons learned enabling the submission of recommendations for improvements to company wildlife safety policies.

Components of this program build on other Arctic Response courses. Successful candidates will receive additional certifications in the following: Predator Defence and Shotgun Handling, Standard and Wilderness First Aid, Canadian Firearms Safety Course – Non Restricted, Incident Command System – Level 100.

Each serial is tailored to relevant wildlife threats within the client’s area of operations, with options for tree-line and barren land environments. Additional electives on behaviour and interaction with species outside the host region are available