Wilderness First Aid (WFA) is essential training for those who work, travel, or play in remote areas more than 30 minutes from professional Emergency Medical Services (EMS). ¬†Choosing the appropriate level of training depends on how remote is remote, the potential severity of injuries, ¬†the environmental consequences of delayed rescue and the candidate’s ability to both learn and retain the required skills.

WFA differs significantly from Standard First Aid in its demand for a deeper understanding of the impact of injury and illness on the patient and how best to organize resources. Candidates are required to think through challenges and apply problem-solving skills as opposed to simply following prescribed to-do lists.

Additional benefits of this training to employers include:

  • Contribution to the development or improvement of effective work Threat Hazard Analysis and Safe Work Plans;
  • Improved critical and high-stress decision making skills;
  • Candidate personal-self-growth;
  • Team building.

Prior to training, Arctic Response can meet with your training stakeholders to identify company specific policies and training objectives to ensure this training reaches its maximum efficacy.

Levels of Training Available: