Equipment Sales & Rentals

Arctic Response provides all the necessary equipment and student PPE necessary for our training programs at no additional cost, except for personal items such as:

  • Safety boots
  • Leather work gloves                                  
  • Environmental clothing

Procurement Assistance:

Save enormous time and dollars procuring your project equipment and PPE by combining your project purchases and rentals with Arctic Response training.

Although we don’t charge for use of our equipment, the shipping of gear for training to and from a community or remote work site is expensive.  Ironically, once the training is done, employers often spend large amounts of time and money to source and ship the same gear back for actual production work.  Let us bring and leave what you need the first time.

Arctic Response is an authorized distributor for most of the equipment and supplies used in our training programs and your work projects.  For items we do not sell, we can recommend the distributors that we’ve found to be reputable and purchase from ourselves.

Some products have expiry dates set by their manufacturers, such as 5 years for harnesses and helmets.  If your agency needs to purchase equipment for specific term projects, we may be able to provide suitable used equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying new.  Arctic Response sometimes sells our used training equipment, on an as available basis, and priced on a sliding scale according to remaining life expectancy and condition.  Equipment rentals are also available.

Please visit our our online store or contact us for more information.