Advanced Wilderness First Aid and CPR

5 Days

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Building on our entry level 3 day Wilderness First Aid program, Arctic Response also provides 40 hour Advanced Wilderness First Aid training.

Course Content: Advanced Wilderness First Aid includes:

  • Rescuer safety
  • Patient assessment
  • Triage
  • Main body systems
    • Circulatory
    • Nervous
    • Respiratory
    • Digestive
  • Circulatory emergencies and CPR
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
    • Includes traction and vacuum splints
    • Dislocations
  • Wound treatments
  • Burns
  • Environmental injuries
  • Medical emergencies and common field ailments
  • Warm and cold water drowning
  • Lightning strikes
  • Vehicle / aircraft extrication
  • Wildlife maulings
  • Gunshot injuries
  • Sustaining care
  • Patient movement decision making and techniques

A critical advantage of Advanced Wilderness First Aid training is having more time for learning through scenario training.  This training method greatly improves the student’s decision making and skills performance under pressure.  Human beings are capable of learning quickly in low stress environments.  However, the effective application of knowledge and skills under the pressure of real-world incidents only comes with ample rehearsal and repetition.