Asbestos Abatement Worker

2 Days

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This training is designed to allow successful students to work in all categories of asbestos work risk environments. Content provides detailed information on what asbestos is, the hazards of asbestos contamination, and the practical aspects involved in the effective control of asbestos containing materials through abatement methods. This level of training is required by the NWT/NU WSCC for working in moderate and high-risk asbestos environments. Training topics include properties, history, and health effects of asbestos, identifying asbestos and asbestos-containing materials in the workplace, relevant legislation, regulations, and codes of practice, PPE, asbestos abatement methods and procedures, and air monitoring and analysis. Hands-on training covers NIOSH half mask air purifying respirator sizing and inspection, qualitative fit testing on half mask APR (and/or on full face piece PAPR), equipment use, glove bag and moderate risk demonstrations, work procedures, and decontamination.