Basic Wildlife Monitor

5 Days

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Program Description: Wildlife Monitor is an intensive program providing core skills, certifications and confirmation of competencies for persons protecting workers and wildlife from dangerous interactions.  This program professionalizes the traditionally casual employment of “Bear Monitor” and greatly improves due diligence on the part of their employers.

In recent years employers have recognized the need for proper licensing, training and certification of bear monitors.  These efforts are intended to mitigate field worksite risks and legal liabilities ranging from the carry and use of firearms, harassment of wildlife and habitat destruction.  As a result, employers are raising their hiring prerequisites for workers fulfilling the bear monitor role and developing formal safe work practices. Concurrently, OHS regulators, such as the Workers Safety Compensation Commission (WSCC) are developing regulations specific to this line of work.

Graduates of this program will be qualified as entry level Wildlife Monitors to assist employer organizations in the following:

  • Develop wildlife related Task Hazard Analysis (THA), Safe Work Practices (SWP’s) and other relevant policies;
  • Provide effective over watch of field workers from wildlife;
  • Deliver effective worksite specific safety briefings and instructions specific to wildlife; and
  • Wildlife observation reporting and post incident reporting.

Wildlife Safety Technician (WST) Graduates of this program looking to further advance in their wildlife management careers are eligible to apply for our Wildlife Safety Technician (WST) program.  WST is a supervisory level program that qualifies graduates to administer and supervise Wildlife Monitors.  Additionally, WST graduates are trained to assist their employers in development of safe and effective wildlife and environmental safety policies, procedures and internal training.

Program Duration: The core program requires 21 training days. However, several elective modules are available to tailor the training to meet the specific OHS and operational requirements of potential employers.

Program Prerequisites:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Minimum grade 9 literacy level
  • Pass 8 panel drug & alcohol test
  • Criminal records check (must be eligible to hold a valid firearms Possession and Acquisition Licence and gain access to clients work sites)
  • Eligible to hold a valid driver’s license