Boating Safety and Operations

2 Days

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Arctic Response Canada Ltd. provides Basic Boat Handling training to build upon the candidate’s existing boating experience, knowledge and confidence regarding safe operating procedures and skills.

The Basic Boat Handling program is a customizable training package that includes 8 hours of theory training and boat maintenance and 8 hours of practical boat handling on-water.  This training can be tailored to include jet boat operations, combined propeller and jet driven crafts and still and / or moving water.

Course Content includes:

  • Pre-trip planning
  • Small vessel inspection
  • Pre-departure procedures
  • Review life saving equipment and PPE
  • Review lines and knots
  • Review marine charts
  • Review collision regulations
  • Review emergency communications and weather warnings
  • Vessel handling
  • Marine weather and wave action
  • Field maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Emergencies and fire procedures
  • Man overboard actions

Course Pre-requisite: PCOC or higher

Course Duration: 2 days