Combined Intermediate Workplace, Wilderness First Aid, and CPR

4 Days

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Wilderness First Aid training is extremely intensive, requiring students to learn and apply field first aid skills and manage multiple factors including:

  • Saving the patient’s life;
  • Often dealing with multiple patients, not all of whom might be survivable;
  • Managing fear and stress in the patient(s), themselves and bystanders;
  • Orchestrating the efforts of people and resources; and
  • Shifting environmental factors such as cold, failing light and wildlife.

To avoid overwhelming candidates, Arctic Response strongly recommends that students take a 2-day Standard First Aid course immediately before Wilderness First Aid training.

A highly popular option is our 4 day combined Wilderness and Standard First Aid training program.  Successful candidates of this training receive certification in both our 3 day Wilderness First Aid and our nationally recognized Standard First Aid with CPR and AED programs in 4 days vs. 5 days if the courses are taken separately.

Duration: 4 days