Incident Command System


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The Incident Command System (ICS) is a standardized, on-scene, all hazard Incident Management System based upon a scalable response. ICS standardizes response and operational procedures to reduce the potential for miscommunication and mismanagement between agencies. This course introduces ICS and provides an overview of the history, features, principles, and organizational structure. This training is appropriate for a variety of organizations beyond emergency response teams. Management personnel with responsibilities to action internal emergency plans for life threatening events to employees, property or environmental damage or similar events, will benefit from this training.

Training is available at two levels:

  • ICS 100 level training provides an overview of the organization, roles and responsibilities for on-scene immediate responders.
  • ICS 200 level training details the roles for persons with response coordination

A combined course including both the 100 and 200 level can also be provided.

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