Northern Security Agent Foundations

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Program Description:

Northern Security Agent Foundations is an innovative and comprehensive program designed to train and qualify northerners for private sector security positions.  The program builds upon our Alberta Security Agent Foundations program, which is approved by the Alberta Solicitor General.

Our Northern Security Agent Foundations program contains all training elements of the Alberta program, in addition to two additional qualifications that are commonly required by prospective employers, but not mandated by the Solicitor General; these are:

Standard / Intermediate First Aid.  Graduates will receive the Standard First Aid (re-titled Intermediate First Aid under the new CSA standard) that is tailored to injuries and medical conditions commonly encountered by Security Agents in the course of their duties.

Use of Force Techniques Practical.  This training is a legal requirement for Security Agents to use handcuffs in the course of their duties. This level of training is introductory and teaches safe and legal use of handcuffs when arresting compliant suspects.  Further advanced, and recognized, training modules in use of force tactics are available as required.

Arctic Response can coordinate exam writing and licensing application through the Alberta Solicitor General’s office for those individuals seeking licensing in both jurisdictions.

Program Duration: The core elements of this program require 8 training days. However, additional elective modules are available to enhance employability of the course candidates.

Program Prerequisites:

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Canadian citizen or legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Competent and of good character
  • Have no serious criminal record for which a pardon has not been granted
  • Have no outstanding criminal charges, or is the subject of a criminal investigation
  • Grade 9 reading and writing skills
  • Can pass a Vulnerable Sector security check

While not a prerequisite it is strongly recommended to hold a valid class 5 drivers license.  Both Class 7 and Class 5 driver training is available through Arctic Response.