Skid Control, Collision Avoidance and Roadside Emergencies

1 Day

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Driving related collisions continue to be a leading source of workplace related injuries and fatalities.  Our Skid Control and Crash Avoidance program provides drivers with knowledge and improves driving skills to significantly reduce risking loss of vehicle control and collisions.  This program is innovative and up-to-date, highlighting the capabilities and limitations of current and emerging  vehicle safety technologies.

Course Content:

  • Pre-trip planning
  • Appropriate vehicle and tire selection
  • Modern vehicle safety technology
  • Vehicle pre-trip inspections and user maintenance
  • Traction limitations of rear, front and four wheel drives vehicles
  • Types of skids
  • When to take the ditch
  • Wildlife considerations and avoidance
  • Emergency braking and obstacle avoidance manoeuvres

Course Duration: 2 hours classroom / Minimum 45 minutes “wheel time” per candidate