Snowmobile Safety and Operations

1-2 Days

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Snowmobile Safety and Operations increases planning, awareness and riding skills of candidates of any level or experience who operate a snowmobile in austere northern conditions.

Course Content Includes:

2 hours theory training:

  • Review of relevant safe work policies and best practices for snowmobiling in remote areas and deep cold
  • Detailed user maintenance inspections and practical trail repairs
  • Review cold injuries and treatments – hypothermia, immersion hypothermia and frostbite
  • Review of cold weather clothing and emergency equipment
  • Knowledge of safe ice conditions and factors

6 to 8 hours practical training:

  • Proper start up procedures, including cold starting
  • Convoy driving
  • Turns and stops
  • Hill riding – ascending, descending and traversing
  • Pulling cargo toboggans and tubs with rigid frame hitches
  • Avoiding and dealing with overflow
  • Expedient field repairs
  • Snowmobile towing and recovery
  • Emergency shelters and use of survival equipment
  • Loading and unloading snowmobiles from trailers

Equipment Candidates must provide their own snowmobile and Department of Transportation (DOT) approved helmet. A limited number of snowmobiles and helmets may be available for rent from Arctic Response on a first-come, first-serve basis.

1 day