Wildlife Safety Technician

20-40 Days

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Program Description: Wildlife Safety Technician (WST) is a supervisory level training program that qualifies graduates to administer and supervise Wildlife Monitors.  Additionally, Wildlife Safety Technicians are trained to assist their employers in the development of safe and effective wildlife safety policies, procedures and internal training.  The core program runs 30 training days, but several additional electives are available to tailor the training to the exact OHS needs of our client agencies.

Graduates of this program will be qualified to assist employer organizations
in the following:

  • Schedule and supervise Wildlife
  • Supervise OHS systems related to
    wildlife management personnel and operations;
  • Develop wildlife related Task
    Hazard Analysis (THA), Safe Work Practices (SWP’s) and other relevant policies;
  • Deliver wildlife safety briefings
    and training to field workers;
  • Conduct camp inspections and
    supervise of the appropriate disposal of garbage and waste to minimize wildlife
  • Assume incident command
    responsibilities during serious wildlife related incidents;
  • Supervise the planning, installation
    and operation of bear fencing and other deterrent systems; and
  • Compile post incident reports and
    make recommendations to improvements in related policy and training.

The WST program includes classroom-based learning, group discussions and extensive scenario based practical training.

Program Duration: The core program requires 30 training days. However, several elective modules are available to tailor the training to meet the specific OHS and operational requirements of potential employers.

Program Prerequisites:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Minimum grade 9 literacy level
  • Pass 8 panel drug & alcohol test
  • Hold a valid firearms Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL)
  • Reasonably clear criminal records check
  • Eligible to hold a valid driver’s license