Training Plan Development

Training Design

Arctic Response can assist your organization with any element of the training cycle, such as identifying training needs based on risk hazard analysis separating training into “must have”, “should have” and “could have” options.

Training needs and requirements differ depending on the level and responsibility of an employee. We assess your company at every position level to compile a breakdown of relevant and appropriate courses for each employee according to job description.

Curriculum Development

Planned curriculum allows organizations to identify training objectives. This includes: orientation and initial training, re-certification training, skill upkeep training, and leadership development training.

Arctic Response builds a tailored curriculum for each department/staff member according to roles and responsibilities. We notify you when relevant training opportunities arise. We also deliver quarterly and annual reports for an evaluation of curriculum progress for each staff member.

Training Records

Student records management systems greatly benefit your organization. We create a permanent record of every student we train.

This includes:

  • Certification and expiry dates;
  • Electronic copies of certificates, exams and other critical documents; and
  • Progress through the students defined training curriculum.