Ice Safety Policy Development Workshop

Workplace safety on ice covered bodies is affected by several factors that may not be immediately obvious to workers and management.  This workshop program assists agencies to develop safe, effective and defendable working-on-ice policy and procedures.  

This workshop provides senior leadership, operational planners and safety personnel with critical information and knowledge to frame and develop ice safety policy and safe work practices.  Arctic Response facilitators and candidates share planning factors, best practices and access to subject matter experts to develop policies from scratch or to improve and update existing documents.

Typically, this workshop is conducted in a classroom type.  In addition to building theoretical models, we can facilitate practical exercises to test ideas and policy using Arctic Response equipment and personnel.

Training Content

Students will develop or improve their agency Safe Work Practices and policies for Working on Ice through knowledge and understanding of:

  • Legal responsibilities and liabilities related to working on ice
  • Task Hazard Analysis process
  • Safe Work Plans development process
  • Team selection and training standards processes
  • Incident Command System
  • Equipment options
  • Cold weather medical considerations

Course Duration: Variable; average 1 day