Strategic Training Coordinator

The Strategic Training Coordinator program is designed to develop and enhance the ability of individuals who are responsible for coordinating training in their communities, companies, or departments. The fundamental goal of this program is to equip the candidates with the tools to identify training needs, develop individualized training plans, and facilitate the implementation of these plans and delivery of training programs in an effective, efficient, economical, and productive manner.

When training plans are based on long-term strategic goals, the positive impacts of the training are greatly enhanced. By identifying specific end goals (for example, a certain job position within a certain industry), a specific plan can be developed to support an individual in acquiring the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, and certification to attain that goal. When these long-term goals are lacking, it becomes much less likely that an individual will ever secure the desired employment as the steps required to get there are never made clear. In addition to greatly improving the job-placement success of individuals, the Strategic Training Coordinator program also dramatically improves the financial efficiency of the training coordinators. The creation of short-term, medium term, and long-term plans allows the training coordinator to implement training schedules that will minimize costs. Especially in the case of smaller and/or remote communities, a very large proportion of the final invoice for any training opportunity comes from the travel costs of getting the instructors and equipment to their community. Through strategic planning, the training coordinator can schedule multiple courses to be delivered in a single trip by a single instructor, thereby reducing the travel costs per course. By saving funds in this manner, a greater portion of a training coordinator’s budget becomes available to go towards actual training, rather than to flights, accommodations, and other associated expenses.

When successfully implemented, strategic training plans can have immense positive impacts on communities and businesses. This is realized by increasing employment, productivity, wealth, and providing positive examples, hope, and encouragement to other community members.

This training is also customized to the participants’ organizational structure. By providing the training and planning exercises within the context in which they will applied, the effectiveness and applicability of the training is greatly enhanced.