Youth Wilderness Programming Coordinator

The Youth Wilderness Programming Coordinator training package enables graduates to successfully design, develop, organize, and deliver safe, educational, and enjoyable programming for youth in an outdoor or wilderness setting. This program covers all elements of wilderness program design and delivery including risk management, administrative and logistical coordination, legal and insurance issues, appropriate participant screening and selection, technical program design, trip planning, and emergency preparedness and response. The program requires a minimum of 20 training days, broken into 2 seasonal sessions. Many of the training modules can be delivered at any time of year, while others are seasonally dependent. The scheduling of individual modules is flexible to take best advantage of weather, water and terrain conditions.

Successful graduates can go on to develop their own team of instructors to assist with program delivery. This certification empowers the candidate’s community to develop and maintain its own top-quality wilderness programming for youth. The range of programming that may result is virtually limitless but could include cultural camps, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, whitewater, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ATV travel, hunting and fishing trips, waterfront activities, and wilderness-based at-risk youth intervention programs. The depth, quality, and hands-on experience offered by this training program is competitive with, and in many cases exceeds, the standards of southern university and college programs geared toward wilderness leadership. After completing the program, Arctic Response provides on-going support to graduates through professional development, instructor forums, availability of equipment, course updates, and additional instructors.