ECO Canada / BEAHR Environmental Training Programs

Arctic Response has been delivering ECO Canada/BEAHR training programs since 2014.

From the BEAHR Training Programs Guide Book: Established in 1992 as part of Canada’s sector council initiative, ECO Canada has grown into its own as a not-for-profit organization focused on supporting Canada’s environment industry by:

  • Helping individuals develop meaningful environmental careers
  • Providing employer resources to find and hire the best
  • Informing educators and governments about employment trends

In 2001, a partnership between ECO Canada and the Aboriginal Human Resource Council saw the initiation of the BEAHR project as a means to increasing Aboriginal participation in the environmental sector. This led to the development of the BEAHR Training Programs, a series of culturally relevant, skills-based environmental training programs for Aboriginal learners (First Nation, Metis, and Inuit). The BEAHR Training Programs series is a product of ECO Canada’s training division.

In an effort to increase awareness about environmental careers and build environmental capacity within Aboriginal communities, ECO Canada’s training division maintains and administers community-based environmental training programs designed to provide introductory skills to those who want to work or pursue further education in the environmental field. Programs are delivered by third-party trainers approved and licensed through the BEAHR Training Programs.

BEAHR Training Programs are designed to be:

  • Short term
  • Employment focused
  • Practical and offer relevant field experience
  • Blended with local knowledge
  • Community Based
  • Inclusive of Elder participation
  • National in scope

Programs are offered in two separate streams, Workforce Training and Technician Training. The Technician Training programs are a combination of various Workforce Training programs and allow further recognition of the more comprehensive environmental background of the graduate. The Workforce Training Programs range between 4 and 12 weeks in length based on a 30-hour week. Two Technician Training Programs are laid-out based on combinations of the programs that may be applicable to a wider audience. However, there is also the option of a Customizable Certificate to meet the needs of individuals, or individual communities. The Technician Training Programs are a minimum of 15 weeks in length based on a 30-hour week.

The following are the training program options:

  • Workforce Training Programs
  • Environmental Monitoring (Research and/or Regulatory)
  • Environmental Site Assessment Assistant
  • Contaminated Sites Remediation Coordinator
  • Local Environmental Coordinator
  • Land Use Planning Coordinator
  • Solid Waste Coordinator
  • Technician Training Programs
  • Certificate of Applied Environmental Techniques
  • Certificate of Environmental Planning and Administration
  • Customizable Certificate

In addition to delivering core BEAHR programs and electives, Arctic Response often adds relevant field safety and other pre-employment programming to maximize employability of our graduates.