New Worker Career Preparation

Arctic Response offers this intensive and unique pre-employment program to maximize success of young people entering the work force. The centerpiece of this program is the philosophy that genuine job satisfaction comes from being a highly valued and contributing team member. Furthermore, knowing how to contribute comes from understanding what the organization requires and having the initiative to provide it. The New Worker Career Preparation program provides that knowledge by placing the candidates in positions of leadership to accomplish meaningful tasks through planning, supervising, and ultimately reporting on their own success.

The program is comprised of both theory and practical training. Candidates receive certification in traditional pre-employment courses to improve their personal safety and marketability, such as Standard First Aid; WHMIS and safety planning. The selection of courses is drawn from several northern employers and across several sectors.

The second, and most critical element, develops essential personal life skills and work ethic. Adding substance to this phase of training comes through the active involvement of the host community or organization. The client is required to provide a list of short term, small party tasks for the candidates accomplish that will improve community in a meaningful way. The client also provides a mentoring group; to which the candidates will report to on a regular basis. Good workers must be good leaders and followers, and this program provides training in both. Each candidate will be mentored, and be responsible for, accomplishing the tasks assigned by the mentoring group over a sustained 3 to 4 day period. This will include the job planning, briefing team members, supervising the work, and ensuring work is carried out safely. To learn accountability and positive reinforcement, the candidates will report weekly to the communities mentoring group.

By experiencing the pressures and vulnerabilities of being a leader and a follower, candidates will gain a mature understanding of how, and why, to become strong and contributing members to any workforce.