Helicopter Safety Level 1 – Pad to Pad

Helicopter Safety Level 1 – Pad to Pad training is essential training for persons new to helicopter operations and to ensure experienced passengers operate uniformly around aircraft.

Helicopter Level 1 training includes theory training, comprehensive aircraft orientations and hands-on training with the aircraft both shut down and under power.

Topics of study for this program include:

  • Basic principles of helicopter flight
  • The national Air Search and Rescue system
  • Essential aircraft safety
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Detailed aircraft orientation
  • Approach and egress from the aircraft
  • Emergency drills

An orientation flight is not mandatory, but is highly recommended to assist the candidate overcome the dangers of sensory overload due to dangerous moving parts, excess noise and rotor wash.

Arctic Response course fees for Level 1 – Pad to Pad do not include helicopter rental and fuel costs.
Training Time – 4 to 6 hours without orientation flight / 8 hours with orientation flights