Helicopter Safety Level 2 – Hover Exit

Helicopter Level 2 – Hover Exit training is mandatory for persons required to exit helicopters that do not have both landing skids on the ground.  This training should only be given to persons with a justifiable job requirement and requires a documented safe work procedure.  Arctic Response can assist client organizations to both develop the required policy and deliver the requisite training.

Hover Exit training begins with approximately two hours of theory and ground based training, some of which may be reduced when Level I and II courses are taught in close succession.

The practical training phase begins with hover and single skid entry / exit of people and cargo with the engines off.  This training also includes mid exit / boarding emergency procedures.  The training then progresses to entry and exit procedures with the aircraft in flight.

Hover Exit training requires annual re-certification.

Arctic Response course fees for Level 2 – Hover Exit do not include helicopter rental and fuel costs.

Training Time – 1 day