Class 3 Driver

Arctic Response provides Class 3 Driver training to residents of Northwest Territories and Nunavut.  This program prepares students to successfully complete both the written and practical Department of Transportation Class 3 Drivers exams.  This program is often combined with our Air Brake Endorsement training.  Holders of valid Class 3 licenses are especially important in northern communities for operation of most water, sewage and fire department trucks.

Class 3 training varies in length according to the number of candidates per class.  The program requires approximately 1 to 2 days of classroom training to prepare for the written DOT exam.  Each student also receives at least 10 hours of practical training one-on-one with the instructor.  An additional 2 days of classroom and practical training is required for those seeking their Air Brake endorsement.

The majority of Class 3 driver training programs delivered by Arctic Response are coordinated and delivered at the community level.  Arctic Response will liaise with DOT officials to coordinate both written and practical license testing immediately after training to maximize the students success rates.

Unless discontinued, the DOT  road test is a minimum of 30 minutes long to cover all mandatory testing components.  Due to limited roadway infrastructure, complete road testing  smaller communities is not possible.  Therefore, a restriction for driving only in the community is placed on the successful graduates license.  Where desired, Arctic Response can deliver the majority of Class 3 training in the client community, then coordinate for a final phase of training and testing in the closest suitable community to achieve a full Class 3 license.

The minimum learning or licensing age is 18 years. You may not apply for a
Class 3 Drivers Licence as a Class 5 probationary driver.

The holder of a Class 3 Drivers Licence may operate the following:
•  A single vehicle with three or more axles
•  Any combination of vehicles where the combined weight of the towed
vehicles does not exceed a gross weight of 4,500 kg
•  Any combination of vehicles without air brakes where the combined weight of the towed vehicles exceed a gross weight of 4,500 kg
•  A vehicle or any combination of vehicles in Class 4 or 5
•  Any vehicle Class 1, 2 or 6, while the driver is learning to operate it