Canada's Leader in Health, Safety and Rescue Training

We are proudly Canadian and have been serving the North and the rest of Canada for over 20 years.

Canada-wide operations

We bring the classroom to you, from major cities to remote communities. We specialise in high-quality mobile training, offering a hands-on and dynamic approach to learning.

Training to suit any need

Looking to start out or change careers? Arctic Response has you covered with entry-level training to put you on the path to success.

Whether you are big, small, or in-between, let Arctic Response organize your health and safety training. From onboarding to refresher training, we cover the administration, implementation, and delivery of your entire training system.

Our instructors have decades of combined experience delivering specialised and intense training in some of the most difficult regions in Canada. Arctic Response provides high-level training to make sure you are prepared no matter where you go.


Why train with us?

Arctic Response is Canada’s leader in Health and Safety

COR Certified

Arctic Response has a stellar safety record and is COR certified in Alberta. We preach and practice safety beyond industry standards.


We aim to deliver high-quality training and services at affordable rates. Bundle your training in a bootcamp and save even more!

Customised Training

We work with our clients to find out their needs and develop training packages around them. Arctic Response can help you build custom scenarios and courses specific to your organisation.


Arctic Response is mobile and dynamic; we will work where you are and on your schedule.


Our team of specialists will work one-on-one with you and your organisation to give you the best possible service.


Arctic Response believes in practical and hands-on training that is educational, interesting, and fun.

What our students are saying

I attended the Canadian Firearms Safety Course at Arctic Response recently and was very impressed with the professional and knowledgeable staff. The classroom setting was very clean, and well set up. Would definitely attend another course here.
Jordan Z.
They were both so accommodating of my late entry and lack of experience. They made sure I met all the required tasks and capabilities by taking the time to come down to my level. Clearly not their first rodeo, very effective.
Although I have been a driver for over 30 years I was pleasantly surprised with how much I learned during this course. Arctic Response did a great job in explaining different concepts regarding ABS, Traction Control etc. and really helped me learn about the tools that are in the vehicle and how they work to assist.
Corrinne M.
This course was really well organized and ensured everyone had a deep understanding of the subject. I think this training is very valuable, and my expectations on this course were greatly exceeded.