4 Wheel Drive Awareness

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The use of Four-Wheel-Drive (4WD) trucks and Sports Utility Vehicles has dramatically increased in Canada; however, many drivers are not fully aware of the limitations of these vehicles. This course enhances participant awareness and competency with classroom training and an in-car practical session. The increased weight and height of these vehicles contribute to a tendency for speed, instability and roll over. Awareness of these hazards and the knowledge to rectify them are necessary in order to stay safe in both on-road and off-road situations.

Primary objectives for this course include an investigation into causes of crashes, psychological aspects of driver performance, improved knowledge and competency in 4WD driving strategies, and an increased skill level in vehicle control and functions.

During the in-vehicle portion, instructors evaluate driving performance, provide constructive feedback and suggestions, and facilitate guided practice. Participants will also be guided through simulated four-wheel-drive emergency manoeuvres in a safe, controlled environment.

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