Aircraft Underwater Egress

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Aircraft Underwater Egress training is one of the most conclusively proven courses to improve survivability of successful graduates. Transportation Safety Board of Canada – Aviation Safety Study SA9401 examined 234 fatal aircraft accidents; of which 48% terminated in water and the fatalities of 168 occupants.

Of the water related incidents:

  • Less than 10% of survivors escaped from the aircraft with little difficulty
  • 70% of the deceased were located in the aircraft cabin
  • Only 11% died on impact
  • A further 10% suffered incapacitating injuries and drowned as a result
  • Half of the occupants drowned inside the aircraft, 86% of the people who died outside the aircraft were from drowning
  • 32 of the 47 occupants that had life jackets available in the aircraft did not use them

Although somewhat difficult to accurately quantify, some expert sources estimate that occupants of ditched aircraft with egress training stand a 250% better chance of surviving than untrained crew or passengers.

Aircraft Underwater Egress training by Arctic Response prepares aircrews and passengers of small fixed wings and helicopters for in-flight emergencies over water.

Course Content

This training includes:

  • Flights over water safety policy and best practices
  • Pre-flight preparation
  • Knowledge of probable crash trauma and injuries
  • Effects of cold water on air crash survivors
  • National air search and rescue plans and limitations
  • Practical rehearsal of underwater aircraft egress techniques for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft

Students will learn and practice egress skills in a pool environment, guided by instructors using two different multi seat airframe simulators. Scenarios are designed to build confidence and progress in difficulty as the students comfort level increases.

This training is comprised of:

Approximately 3 hours theory training and 4 hours practical in-pool training.

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