Arctic Winter Survival

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Arctic Response provides survival training for persons who work and travel in remote northern areas with training options for above tree-line (Barren lands)  and below the tree-line (Boreal forest) environments.

These intense programs provide knowledge and skills to greatly improve survivability during emergency events such as air crashes, vehicle collisions or becoming lost in remote areas.

The theory of how to perform a survival skill can be “learned” from a PowerPoint, television show or a book, but this does not translate into using a technique or skill under real world conditions.  Actual survival depends on mental strength, character and rehearsing learned skills under realistic conditions; which is where these programs excel.

Arctic Survival is serious training and should not be confused with winter camping.  Our instructors challenge each individual student to their personal limit, regardless of the candidate’s outdoor experience or level of physical fitness.   Arctic Survival courses have been the mainstay of our company since 2001 and we have safely trained more than a thousand candidates of every size, shape and mindset.  Students leave these programs with new land skills and confidence in their ability to persevere through discomfort and fatigue.

Beyond safety training, Arctic Survival programs as venues for team building and leadership training are second to none.

Course Content

  • Effects of cold on personnel
  • Review of essential cold injuries and treatments
  • Emergency scene management
  • Pre-trip planning and preparation
  • Cold weather clothing
  • Agency provided and personal survival equipment
  • Psychological shock in individuals and group dynamics
  • 6 Priorities of survival (critical survival skills)
  • The national Search and Rescue plan, it’s limitations and timeframes

Arctic Response instructors are recruited based on high standards of experience, good judgement and readiness to make decisions.  Arctic Response also incorporates high quality risk assessment tools and policies throughout the training process to ensure safety and effectiveness. While the instructors will push to make the training as challenging and realistic as possible, the need to train never supersedes the need for safety.

4 days – 1 Day Classroom & equipment preparation; 2 nights, 3 days practical

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