Basic Firearms Handling

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Arctic Response provides Basic Firearms Handling as initial learning or recertification training for individuals who are required to handle firearms for work purposes.  Wherever possible, the shooting portion of training is conducted in safe but natural areas to best simulate actual firing conditions; however, training can be held on conventional shooting ranges if required.

Basic Firearms Handling has been designed particularly for workers using firearms for wildlife defence.  Prior to training, Arctic Response firearms instructors work with client agencies to craft a realistic and practical shooting program appropriate to their needs; this includes types of firearms, ammunition, use of policy and probable scenarios.

While candidates are strongly encouraged to hold a valid a firearms Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) , it is not legally required prerequisite.

Course Content

  • Review safe firearm practices (ACTS & PROVES)
  • Load, unload and speed load
  • Holding, aiming and firing techniques
  • Use of lethal and less lethal ammunition
  • Shooting and static and moving targets
  • Safe movement while carrying loaded firearms
  • Working with a partner to search ground
  • Care and maintenance of the firearm

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