Basic Wildlife Monitor

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The Basic Wildlife Monitor Program is a 33-day intensive training program designed to teach candidates to function as a wildlife monitor in extremely remote locations individually or as part of a team. Graduates are trained to identify and respond to potentially dangerous wildlife in a safe and deliberate manner and provide a field-level emergency response to various hazards that may be encountered while working in remote locations. Throughout the course, candidates must demonstrate a working knowledge of vehicle safety and operations, firearms and wildlife legislation, safe firearms and deterrent handling, medical care of casualties, planning procedures, rescue procedures, navigation, and interpretation of human and animal ground sign and tracks. Successful candidates are expected to be able to work safely and confidently in austere and isolated locations or in a work camp setting with little to no support for weeks at a time.

Course Content

Wildlife Monitor training is delivered in a “bootcamp” style where candidates will take several Arctic Response courses in one combined training serial. Candidates will receive valid training certificates in all courses. Training includes:

Administrative Training

Field Operation Training

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