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Arctic Response delivers 3 levels of chainsaw training which are recognized and approved by the Hinton Training Centre for wildfire management:

  • Level 1 – Awareness
  • Level 2 – Basic (Bucking and Limbing)
  • Level 3 – Intermediate (Tree Felling).

These courses emphasise practical skills with approximately 25% of the training being classroom and 75% hands-on training.  Chainsaw operators of all skill and experience levels benefit from our programs.  Students are shown safe and effective techniques and then work to improve the precision of their cutting through practice and instructor coaching.

Flexible Completion Awards  Arctic Response has among the most prescribed chainsaw skills grading systems to clearly quantify whether the student is working at or below the required standard.  Students enrolled in Basic or Intermediate Operator courses who are unable to meet the required testing criteria, but would qualify for a lower level of certification, are awarded accordingly.

Equipment  Arctic Response provides well maintained, professional chainsaws and all the necessary PPE (other than steel toed boots and work gloves) at no additional cost.

To acquire the course equipment at the end of the course or purchase immediately, please select from our catalogue below. Choose the items and quantities desired and add them to your shopping cart.  We will bring all equipment to the course site and consign purchased  items to you at course conclusion.

Course Content

The following levels of training are available:

Level 3 (Intermediate) Operator training is required training for operators involved in limited tree falling operations.   Advanced content includes assessing potentially dangerous trees, troubleshooting for hazardous situations such as leaners, spring poles, and precision tree falling.
3 days

Level 2 (Basic) Operator training is required for operators involved in any chainsaw work except for tree falling. Focus is on safe techniques brushing, bucking and limbing. This certification may be available to candidates in a Level 3 course failing to meet the passing standard for that course.
2 days

Level 1 (Awareness Level) Operator training is only appropriate for those working around chainsaws in an assistant role, but never actually performing cutting operations. The course content includes basic safety awareness and chainsaw care and maintenance with limited cutting.   This certification may be available to candidates in a Level 2 or 3 courses failing to meet the passing standard for that course.
1 day

This additional module can be included in either the Level 2 or Level 3 course, and covers the care, maintenance, and safe operation of bruschcutter saws.
1 additional day

Chainsaw Operations on Ice
This training is tailored to the client’s specific needs and context. Content includes ice hazard analysis and risk management, emergency procedures for on-ice incidents, care maintenance for cold weather and freezing water chainsaw operations, and specific cutting techniques for cutting ice at varying thicknesses. Course length a costs will be determined based on specific modules required by the client.

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