Class 2 (School Bus) Training (NT, NU, YT)

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The Commercial Bus and School Bus Licence (CBDL) training program goal is to enhance the quality of bus driver training, create a foundation for safe and responsible driving, and foster the development of positive driving attitudes and behaviours in new professional bus drivers. The curriculum reinforces driving theory, skills practice, and the promotion of positive driving attitudes. The curriculum is expected to assist entry-level bus drivers to develop safe driving skills, and knowledge, and be aware of their duties. The curriculum discusses minimum content and creates the foundation for safe driving skills. Continued on-the-job training and supervision by an experienced professional driver will assist drivers in developing advanced driving skills after the successful completion of this course.

Our comprehensive CBDL training program provides a well-rounded learning experience, combining classroom instruction, in-yard activities, and in-cab training. Designed to meet the highest standards of safety and professionalism, this program is tailored for both commercial bus and school bus drivers.

CBDL training will be completed with a bus with a seating capacity exceeding 24 passengers. Any coursework that directly involves heavy equipment with compressed-air brake systems will also include the full air brake training course as the first element of the coursework. 

Course Content

  • Air Brakes – If required
  • Employment in the busing
  • Documents, paperwork &
    regulatory requirements
  • Hours of service compliance
  • Vehicle components and
    inspection activities
  • Basic driving techniques
  • Professional driving habits
  • Off-road tasks and maneuvers
  • Passenger management: loading,
    unloading, and transporting
  • Handling emergencies

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