Class 3 Training (NT, NU, YT)

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Our Class 3 training focuses on developing the necessary skills to operate light to medium commercial vehicles with a GVWR ranging from 14,001 pounds (6,350 kilograms) to 26,000 pounds (11,793 kilograms). This includes a variety of single-unit vehicles like straight trucks, box trucks, and passenger buses. The training program focuses on building fundamental driving skills, including vehicle control, parking, turning, and backing techniques specific to light to medium commercial vehicles. While the training duration is shorter compared to Class 1, it remains comprehensive and ensures a solid foundation for safe operation. It covers the necessary coursework, including air brake training for vehicles equipped with compressed-air brake systems. 

Course Content

All commercial driver training requires students to attend basic air brake theory regardless of having a “Q” endorsement or not. There are multiple training streams to choose from depending on your needs.

Class 3 ELT (13 Speed + Manual Transmission) – 12 classroom hours, 4 in-yard hours and 10 in-cab hours

Class 3 ELT (Automatic Transmission “K” Restriction) – 12 classroom hours, 4 in-yard hours, 6 in-cab hours)

  • Basic Roles and Responsibilities of the commercial driver
  • Vehicle Components and Systems
  • Basic Driving Techniques
  • Professional Driving Habits
  • Reversing/Backing
  • Documents, Paperwork and Regulatory Requirements
  • Vehicle Inspection Activities
  • Cargo Securement and Loss Prevention
  • Handling Emergencies


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