Confined Space Entry for Industry Workers

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Confined and restricted spaces are work areas which are not intended for continuous employee or occupancy, and which have by design, limited or restricted entry or exit.

Employers who require workers to work within confined and restricted spaces are obligated to prepare a Code of Practice, or Safe Work Procedures, and to provide workers with appropriate training. Confined Space Entry Hazard Awareness trains personnel to recognize hazards of working in a confined or restricted space and to carry out confined space entry and attendant duties safely.  Confined Space Rescue training is required for emergency response team members, this training is also available through Arctic Response.

Confined Space Hazard Awareness training delivered by Arctic Response Canada is designed to meet CSA Z1006 for duties of Attendant, the Entrant when combined with Standard First Aid, Fire Extinguisher, Lock out / Tag Out (LOTO) and WHMIS.

Important note: Training alone cannot ensure that workers are fully competent to carry out work inside of confined and restricted spaces.  Workers must have adequate experience and qualifications for the specific tasks they are required to undertake in these environments.  Workers with insufficient experience must be teamed up and work under the direct supervision and mentoring of a competent worker.

Course Content

  • Define confined and restricted spaces
  • Confined space legislation and standards
  • PPE Requirements
  • Entry procedures
  • Hazardous atmospheres
  • Atmosphere monitoring
  • The Entry permit system
  • Confined space signage and markings
  • Tag in and Tag out procedures
  • Isolation
  • Attendant monitoring responsibilities
  • Emergency response awareness

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