Wildlife and Wilderness Awareness

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Course Description

When working in the field, both wildlife and the wilderness can pose a hazard to workers. This 3-4 online training programs gets students ready to work in the field. Learn how to identify and deal with hazards from anminals, insects, spiders, snakes, plants, and environmental conditions.

Course content includes:

  • Bear characteristics and behaviour
  • Feline characteristics and behaviour
  • Canine characteristics and behaviour
  • Ungulates characteristics and behaviour
  • Snake characteristics and behaviour
  • Insects and spiders
  • Hazardous plants
  • Environmental hazards


Welcome to the course! Navigate through the presentations and quizzes through the Course Content below. The course will be completed once all presentations have been viewed and quizzes completed. If you are having trouble, need assistance, or have a question about the course please contact us at info@arcticresponse.ca