Defensive Driver Course (NWT)

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Defensive Driving is a one-day, classroom based program designed to reduce vehicle collision rates, along with their accompanying deaths, injuries, and financial costs.

Our Defensive Driver Course is suitable for persons with any class of license and amount of driving experience.  This program refreshes driver knowledge of traffic laws appropriate to the jurisdiction.  It can help new drivers better anticipate potential risks and act to proactively avoid them.

However, the most positive outcomes are often from helping experienced drivers curb negative attitudes and re-engage their proactive and defensive driving habits after years of complacent driving.

There are several potential benefits from taking a defensive driving course, either for personal or professional reasons:

  • Some insurance providers will offer a discount on insurance premiums for completion of DOT approved DDC programs.
  • Successful graduates in Northwest Territories are entitled to a reduction of up to one half of demerits from their license (application is currently pending for drivers in Nunavut).
  • The human brain seeks to move as many regular, routine functions from active mental processing to “background” thinking.  We all experience this ability when driving a familiar route on “auto pilot” while simultaneously planning our days events.  DDC training helps drivers keep their brains engaged while driving to better anticipate hazards and mistakes made by themselves and surrounding drivers.
  • The program can help drivers avoid becoming involved in road rage incidents; either as the belligerent or the victim. The number, and seriousness of these conflicts are becoming increasingly worse, both as our society becomes increasingly stressful and as bad actors try to outdo each other in their behaviour.

Course Content

  • Identify the three elements of the highway transportation system
  • Identify the three characteristics of a safe driver
  • Identify safe driving strategies and recognize the interdependence of all road users
  • Recognize and identify factors that affect the attitude of a driver
  • Identify elements that cause driver impairments and impact safe driving records
  • Define, recognize and identify defensive and proactive driving strategies
  • Recognize and identify three areas of visual defensive driving strategies
  • Identify four ways your vehicle influences defensive and safe driving outcomes
  • Understand how environmental factors influence safe driving 
  • Understand traffic laws and regulations and know the difference between moral, civil and criminal liability

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