Fall Protection

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While working at heights of 3 metres (10 ft) or more, workers must be trained in and use Fall Protection systems. Arctic Response offers Fall Protection training which meets and exceeds both Federal and Provincial or Territorial jurisdictions.

As detailed in legislation, both theory and hands-on training components are required; on-line training alone does not constitute satisfactory training.

Our Fall Protection training ensures that students have a strong knowledge of legislation and Fall Protection administration, including harness and equipment inspections. We also strongly believe in practical hands-on exercises that prepares workers for the jobs they will be doing. This can include ladder and scaffold training.

Under Canadian Health and Safety Code, employers must prepare a fall protection plan if a worker at a work site could fall 3 metres or more and is not protected by guardrails. The plan must include procedures for rescuing workers who have fallen.  Relying on outside resources such as municipal fire services to effect rescue does not meet the employer’s obligations under this legislation.  Arctic Response provides additional consulting services to develop Fall Protection plans and provide tailored training for both Fall Protection Hazard Awareness and Fall Protection Rescue needs.

Course Content

  • Canadian Rules and Regulations for at working at height
  • Hazard Identification
  • Methods of Fall Protection
  • Fall Arrest Vs Fall Protection
  • Fall arrest and restraint systems
  • Fall arrest and restraint equipment and components
  • Equipment inspections, care and rotations
  • Practical demonstrations of basic rescue techniques

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