Ice Safety and Rescue - Field Workers and Teams

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Ice Safety and Rescue for Field teams is tailored to the real-world conditions and limited resources of researchers, exploration crews, environmental monitors and others who work on ice.  Given their often meager rescue resources and remote locations, field workers face enormous challenges when dealing with a person through ice.  Therefore, avoiding an incident is as essential as reacting to one.

The classroom portion of this training assists clients to develop and refine their Task Hazard Analysis tools and Safe Work Procedures, become intimately familiar with their provided equipment and consider new technologies and procedures.  Candidates gain a realistic understanding of the consequences of becoming submerged  particularly for on-ice duties being conducted in areas where professional rescue services will be delayed.

The field portion of the training engages candidates in safe, controlled, and authentic through-the-ice drills and scenarios covering self-rescues, talk rescues, rope and reaching aid rescues, boat rescues, and strong swimmer rescues, as well as practical mechanical advantage systems employing ropes and pulleys for casualty retrieval.

Training can, and should, be tailored to incorporate the client’s own procedures and emergency plans needs to ensure the training is realistic and relevant.

Equipment: As with all Arctic Response programs, we provide all required equipment, thermal protective suits, rope systems and rescue aids at no additional cost.  However, clients are encouraged to bring any agency specific for initial or refresher training purposes.

Course Content

  • Effects of cold water
  • Ice formation and breakdown
  • Moving on unknown ice conditions
  • Fundamentals of rescue
  • Ice rescue equipment
  • Self rescue
  • Small party rescue
  • Still water conditions

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