Land Navigation

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Land Navigation training introduces participants to map, compass, and GPS (Global Positioning System) use through a blend of classroom and tabletop exercises followed by practical field training. Content includes direction and location finding, route planning and following, declination, use of latitude/longitude and UTM grids, topographic maps, triangulation, and GPS navigation techniques. Improved leadership, self-confidence, and team interaction are collateral benefits of this course as candidates are required to work collaboratively to achieve common goals. Programs include Introduction to GPS (1-day), Land Navigation (2-day), or Land Navigation (4-day) and can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Course Content

  • Maps

    • Parts of a map

    • Selecting a map sheet

    • Longitude and latitude

    • UTM system

    • Calculating magnetic declination

    • Taking a bearing from a map

    • Triangulation

  • Compass

    • Parts of a compass

    • Adjusting for magnetic declination

    • Breakdown of degrees

    • Shooting a bearing on the ground

  • GPS

    • Unit overview

    • Creating waypoints

    • Finding waypoints

    • Tracks

    • Routes

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