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The Nortrack Tracking program being offered through Arctic Response is designed to introduce and foster the tracking of humans and animals to a wide variety of audiences including but not limited too, law enforcement, military, conservationists, wilderness researchers, Search & Rescue, wildlife monitors and Anti-Poaching units. This course can be tailored to your specific needs as required by way of a private course or multiple organisations can register for our general open course. We offer a comprehensive program that is 10 days of training with the weekends off. However if time or finance doesn’t allow this option, students have the option to complete the first week (Ground Sign Awareness) then later complete the second week (wilderness Tracker) at a later date. We also have a 3 day introduction course that we can offer individually or as an elective to our predator defence course.

Course Content

  • Observative Skills
  • Tuning into the environment
  • Footprint dynamics
  • Introduction to counter IED
  • Human behaviour indicators
  • Pace tracking
  • Introduction to track line
  • Short track
  • Introduction to night tracking
  • Introduction to scene survey
  • Track line debreifing
  • Tracking Operations
  • Conduct long track

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