Trailer Operations

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This training educates drivers how to properly load, secure and tow cargo and flatdeck trailers.  This program is not designed for towing trailers in excess of 7m; have a Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) in excess of 10,000 lbs; or “5th wheel” type hitch assemblies.

Our Utility Trailer Towing program is very practical skills based and extremely effective at developing handling skills and driver confidence.  The classroom portion is completed as a group, with candidates then rotating through the on-road portion in small groups.  This program is ideal for employees who are required to tow a trailer for work purposes including:

  • Hauling ATV’s and snowmobiles
  • Landscaping crews
  • Construction crews

Course Content

  • Knowledge and function of common trailer and relevant tow vehicle components ;
  • WCB & DOT (Department Of Transport) requirements and recommendations relating to trailer units and their components;
  • Trailer specific features and components;
  • Pre-trip inspection and maintenance of trailer and relevant tow vehicle components;
  • Safe practices in loading, securing, towing, and unloading trailers
  • Municipal and rural driving with trailers;
  • Safe backing with a trailer;
  • Understand and identify when additional training is required

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