Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) for Ground Shipments

Arctic Response provides one of the few classroom based TDG programs available.  This training method greatly improves student comprehension, especially for workers who learn better with people than through computers.

Prior to training, Arctic Response liaises with clients to identify specific dangerous goods that routinely cause confusion or are mismanaged in their workplaces.  On-going or routine errors with TDG products may be be due to categorization, quantity limitations or combined cargos.  These agency specific problems are incorporated into the training as learning examples so candidates return to work with correct solutions.

Course Content includes:

  • TDG regulations on Canadian roadways
  • Classifications of dangerous goods
  • TDG symbols on placards and labels
  • TDG documentation requirements
  • Couriers and shippers responsibilities
  • Emergency response requirements in case of a dangerous goods spill or release

Course Duration / 6 hours