Wildlife Safety Technician

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The Wildlife Safety Technician Program is a 29-training-day intensive program designed to teach candidates to function as wildlife safety technicians and lead and employ teams of wildlife monitors in extremely remote locations. Graduates are trained to develop wildlife-related Task Hazard Analysis (THA), Safe Work Practices (SWPs) and other relevant policies and procedures. Safety technicians are also responsible for selecting, training, and employing wildlife monitors, as well as conducting oversight of field operations. Graduates of this program are able to fulfill the role of incident commander in a response team should an emergency occur.

Throughout the course, candidates must demonstrate a working knowledge of laws and legislation as it relates to interacting with wildlife in the workplace; firearms and deterrent use and safety; vehicle, watercraft, and aircraft operations and safety; leadership, training, and supervisory theory and techniques; operations management; and policy and procedural development.

Successful candidates are expected to be able to advise employer organizations on how to mitigate wildlife impacts on a work site, plan and implement wildlife-related operations in support of client tasks, and lead teams of qualified monitors in the field.

Course Content

Duties and Responsibilities

  • WHMIS/TDG Supervisor 
  • Fire Watch Supervisor
  • Task Hazard Analysis Process
  • Safe Work Practices Process

Field Operations Safety

  • Firearms Supervisor 
  • Basic Range Officer 
  • Less Lethal Train the Trainer

Helicopter Safety

  • Level 1 Pad to Pad
  • Hover Exit and Toe In 
  • Sling Load Safety

Equipment Operations

  • OHV Supervisor
  • Pleasure Craft Operator Certification
  • Basic Boat Handling 

Wildlife Safety Supervisor

  • Airport Wildlife Management
    • *College level certification recognized Canada wide*

Camp Operations

  • Sewage and Garbage Control Planning

Leadership Development

  • Community Liaison Responsibilities 
  • Deliver Safety Briefings
  • Emergency Scene Management 
  • Crash Response Team Leader

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