Winch Operations

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Winch Operations trains employees to safely and effectively operate both non-powered and powered winches to recover vehicles and and move equipment or obstacles.  Additionally, workers learn how to properly inspect, care and maintain winch equipment to ensure it is available and working when required.  

This program is extremely practical and hands-on.  In addition to learning basic winch operations, candidates learn several techniques to problem solve and extract stuck vehicles while avoiding unnecessary damage to both the environment and vehicles.  The ability of employees to correctly operate winches for extraction from mud or snow is critical to employee safety and operational cost control.

Course Content

  • Identify and understand principles of winching and mechanical advantage
  • Describe and identify the types of non-powered winches (come-along) and farm jacks
  • Identify the types and parts of powered  winches
  • Perform a site evaluation and safety assessment
  • Demonstrate both manual and power winching procedures
  • Environmental protection considerations and aids
  • Carry out detailed inspections of the winch unit and winch cable before and after use
  • Users winch maintenance

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